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The Imprint Blueprint

"Main focus for us has always been to sign records that we feel proud of, or will feel proud of in 10 years. We've sidetracked at times but we find our way back shortly thereafter. When every artist in the world wants to be successful they forget the quality factor. We try to ground ourselves with enough criticism towards ourselves that we maintain the level of quality we expect from others, and as a label we thrive on originality and authenticity."

"Always add value to the releases and artists you’re working on. If you don’t add anything to it, let it go! We pride ourselves to really push talent and showcase them in ways that not even money can buy. Our lineage is what we stand for and the artist who work with us really acknowledge that." 

"If we wake up one day and feel that we´re doing anything automatically we have failed. Being organic and really trying to take things to the next level is what we try to do. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, but make it spin and keep it spinning." 

"Always have that special connection with your fans. Their loyalty should be rewarded with your loyalty. That means that you should treat people like you want to be treated - at all times not only when you are trying to sell a product. A real fan knows when a label or artist is being authentic and 'keeping it real.’ You can't lie to real fans. Its a frequency they all know and are on the same wavelength as you."

"Doesn’t have to get quirky or weird. Creativity lies in all forms and sizes. That extra twist will be a world of difference. We have a motto: never compromise on creativity - and we stick to that no matter what! Musically or visually we always try to push things further."

"We invest all our profits in the brand and our artists! And artists should realize the same. Always invest in yourself. No one can invest in you before you invest in yourself!"

"We face difficulties all the time in this industry, and as a team, we adapt to change because we feel as a label we transform not because we have to but because we need to. We want to stay sharp and stay creative. So when times get tougher, we get smarter, and make sure that the creative wheel keeps spinning so we can keep progressing forward as a company and as label."

"We have always seen our brand as a fashion brand. We change every season. We redo everything when we start to feel too comfortable with it, just to shake things up and get excited about the future! Being stagnant is your ultimate enemy. We don't fear change, we embrace it."