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Steve Aoki has launched a sock range that ships in a cake box

This underwear has Dim Mak all over it

Steve Aoki has launched a sock range that ships in a cake box- packaging that couldn't be more appropriate if it tried- in a new collaboration with Stockholm-based fashion brand, Happy Socks. 

The Dim Mak label boss and globetrotting EDM big gun, who currently ranks as the fifth highest paid DJ in the world, turned hurling baked and iced treats at fans into something of a trademark years ago, and this latest foray into merchandise looks to take advantage of that reputation. According to the official description, the new range matches the musician's love for 'spreading color [sic] and pushing the boundaries of creativity' with that of the clothing brand, which is already well-known for its larger than life looks. 

Aoki has designed three pairs for your feet, which come in green, black, and yellow, each boasting plenty more hues in their detailing. The trio can be bought individally or as a set, and the latter will be delivered to your door in a box that resembles a slice of cake. In addition, there are two pairs of boxer shorts available, the 'Cake' and 'By Any Means' trunks. The lines have arrived just over a month after the producer unveiled his fashion collection with Diamond Supply Co.