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Take a tour of Steve Aoki’s insane Las Vegas mansion: WATCH

The pad is aplomb with rare art, records, and clothing...  

Steve Aoki’s mansion is absolutely ridiculous, as a new video from High Snobiety proves beyond any doubt. Prepare for some serious house envy, then. 

The clip, which was uploaded to YouTube earlier this month, is a case in point for the argument that DJs are this century's rock stars. The Dim Mak bossman, whose forthcoming dates include DJakarta Warehouse Project which we reported on last week, takes us through an array of stunning rooms, including a state of the art studio where he produces his stadium-filling tunes.

Elsewhere, a library contains everything from rare vinyl bootlegs to copies of Bill Bryson's 'A Brief History of Nearly Everything' and 'Transcend: Nine Steps To Living Well Forever', by famed futurist Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman, MD. We also get a peek at Aoki's jaw dropping footwear collection, including the ultra-limited edition Nike MAGs, his design studio complete with screen printing kit- where some of the ideas for his clothing lines may have been conceived- and artwork, featuring an original piece by Banksy. Quite the pad, hit play on the video below for a closer inspection. 

[Image via AD]