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Canadian duo go hard...

When Vancouver producers HxdB and DJ Cure first joined forces back in 2014, something clicked. Enough so, in fact, that the pair decided to team up permanently under the new alias Greazus, and fun times ensued.

Scoring releases for Vandal LTD, Hospital Records, Critical Sound, and most recently a bass-heavy four-tracker for London label Diffrent Music — titled 'Greazus <3 U', of course (grab it here) — the duo perfected a roughneck, juke sound, often collaborating with Detroit's Sinistarr.

Drum & bass is far from this duo's only playground, however. Their Fresh Kicks mix is a masterclass is genre-blending and building momentum, ramping up from grime killers by Sir Spyro, Skepta and more, into footwork and half-time d&b by the likes of Om Unit, Addison Groove, Ivy Lab and Dexta. Plus there's a whole heap o' Greazus too!

So cancel any plans for the next hour and a half, turn off your phone and turn your system — it's time to get greazy!


Abstrakt Sonance x Greazus 'Magnets'
Abstrakt Sonance x Kinetic 'Dat Can’t Run feat. Drapez and Mat The Alien'
AJ Tracey 'Naila'
Terror Dangah 'Fire feat. Dot Rotten & Trigga'
Sir Spyro 'Topper Top feat. Teddy Brukshot, Lady Chan & Killa P'
Filthy Gears 'Underground King'
Skepta 'Detox feat. BBK'
Dok 'Kaboom'
Ruff Sqwad 'Together'
Milli Major 'Remember Me feat. Scrufizzer & Flirta D'
Jammer & Tre Mission '99 Percent'
Arktkt 'Drownt In It'
Tinie Tempah 'Been The Man feat. JME, Stormzy & Ms Banks'
Compa 'Take Control feat. Fox'
Mystry 'Graveyard Shift'
Noisia 'Voodoo'
Causa 'Undubbed'
Egoless 'Super Echo'
Epoch 'The Ville'
Bleep Bloop 'Recombine (Tease)'
Stylust Beats x Djank Yucca 'Painkiller'
Newham Generals 'Piff feat. Nutty P'
DJ Go x DJ Mk 'Fantastic feat. Lunar C & Scrufizzer'
Iyer x Hesk 'Flickadawrist'
DJ Rashad & Addison Groove 'Acid Bit'
Slick Shoota 'That Circles Remix'
DJ Hazard & D*Minds 'Mr Happy RIP'
Addison Groove & DJ Die 'Dr. Know'
Chimpo 'Stanna Stairlift'
Sinistarr 'I Pop, I Jit'
Greazus x Blind Prophet 'Risque'
Greazus x Sinistarr 'Skankface'
Dexta 'Secondlife (Instrumental)'
Ak Hash 'Pussy'
Mat Zo 'Mad'
Monty 'Thinline'
Shield 'Calypso From Hell'
Rob Bravery 'You Take Half (Ivy Lab Remix)'
Lynch Kingsley & Ilk 'Spells'
Levrige 'Wise Guy'
J:Kenzo 'Ruffhouse (Om Unit Remix)'
Sun People 'Nu-Gun'
Greazus x Doctor Jeep 'Fly'