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Studio 54 launches new record label

The label has shared three classic disco reworks so far

Legendary New York club Studio 54 has returned in the form of a label. 

The infamous party spot, which was frequented by stars including David Bowie, Grace Jones, Andy Warhol and Diana Ross, shut its doors in 1986. Now, a new official label, Studio 54 Music, aims to capture the club’s legendary disco flair while adapting it for a contemporary audience.

So far, the label has released three reworks of classic disco hits: Don Ray’s ‘Got To Have Loving’, T-Connection’s ‘At Midnight’ and Brainstorm’s ‘Lovin’ Is Really My Game’.  JKriv, co-founder of Brooklyn label Razor-N-Tape and guitarist with disco band Escort, is behind much of the production work on the label, alongside Midnight Magic’s Morgan Wiley. 

Check out the three tracks released on the label so far below. 

In 2018, a documentary telling the story of Studio 54 was released.