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Infographic After All...

While we patiently wait for news of what Daft Punk will do next (it’s been just over three years their last LP 'Random Access Memories') Aneta Dolega and Dominik Bulka have created a stunning infographic that charts Daft Punk’s career from failed indie band Darlin' to dance music-making robots.

The infographic details Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter’s career from the very beginning, tracing their journey from shy Parisian bedroom producers to the world’s most successful dance music duo.

The graphic starts at the beginning in 1992, then goes onto their first album ‘Homework’ in 1997  through their subsequent label endevours (Daft Trax, Crydamoure and Roule), the rest of their studio albums  and then, of course, their world-beating live show, and finally finishing with 'Random Access Memories'.

There’s some little known anecdotes in there too, with one explaining that at their first show at Rex Club, Paris the duo sold tickets in exchange for toys, which were then donated to charity to help poor children on the streets of Paris.

Whether you’re a Daft Punk savant or somehow only just appreciating their 26-year music career  this infographic shines a light on arguably one of the most important duos in dance music.