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Guilty pleasures 101...

Yacht rock and guilty pleasures sets are all the rage at the moment, especially coming up to the party and festive DJ season!

DJs looking for those sing-a-long '80s classics can now get tunes that are STEMS enabled — meaning they can utilise Native Instruments STEMS format — opening up the ability for DJs to really get their dancefloors going with creative STEMS mixing.

The first in the range is titled '80s Covers and is available for download via Beatport’s online store with more to follow, including '80’s Vol 2 and '90’s Vol 1,  just in time for Christmas.

Even better, all of the STEMS covers are high quality and, in some instances, hard to differentiate from the originals!

If you’re looking for those dancefloor party favourites then Swan Music’s new STEMS releases are bang on the money — go get 'em!