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Swing Ting: ‘Speed garage is the greatest dance music genre of all time’

Do you agree?

Set up by Ruben Platt and Balraj Samrai back in 2008, Swing Ting started out life as a popular club night in Manchester.

Playing everything from garage to hip-hop to dancehall, the project has morphed into both a label and a production duo over the last nine years, with the pair just releasing their debut EP, ‘Junction’, on the label. 

Riding the crest of a wave right now, Swing Ting recently caught the eye of The Guardian — who tapped them up for a wicked playlist which you can check out here — and also asked them to touch on their wide-ranging influences.

Commenting on DJ Bigga G Mind's garage classic ‘Body and Soul’, Samrai said: “The bassline on this one always gets the energy back up; speed garage remains the greatest dance music genre of all time. We played this in Whitworth Art Gallery earlier in the year, where it belongs.”

There's also epic cuts from Lil Sliva, Alexx A-Game, Dynamite included in the list — read Swing Ting’s full feature with The Guardian here

Platt plays Riddim Box at Stereo Cafe Bar, Glasgow on 9th December.