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The Today Show takes a look around Prince’s sprawling home…

Prince’s Paisley Park home will be opened to public tomorrow for just three days after the sprawling compound was given a temporary licence to operate as a museum.

The space was going to be opened as a full-fledged attraction, but local authorities are still weighing up the impact on the local community by turning the Purple One’s home into a museum, as it’s thought it could attract 600,000 visitors a year.

The Today Show was given a sneak peak inside Paisley Park, where you can see the untouched studio where Prince recorded the main bulk of his music.

In the video (below) you'll see the Purple Rain room, festooned with the motorbike he rode in the inconic video. Elsewhere, there's a look at Prince's performance area, dubbed New Power Generation, where he would entertain small groups of friends, and there's even a look at his wardrope which includes some 6,000 pieces of custom-made clothing. 

It’s been confimed by one of his sisters that Prince actually left detailed instructions on how he wanted the tour to be arranged.

Check out the eye-opening video below.