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Technics announce new SL1210 mk7

The DJing standard gets its first update in a decade…

Technics have announced the SL-1210mk7. The new turntable is the first update to the 1210 range since 2008 and features a new coreless direct drive motor that should eliminate any cogging issues, while Technics promise minimum stylus jumping from the new tonearm. The torque and brake speed can now be adjusted and there’s a new microcomputer inside for increased motor control accuracy with things like scratching, taken from Technics' parent company Panasonic's Blu-Ray technology. They've also added reverse playback. 

Elsewhere, the power and phono cables are now detachable. Visually, the LED light can be switched from red to blue and there's a new all-black matte design. The stylus light has also been refined “to provide improved visibility of the stylus tip". Despite claiming they didn't want to market the SL1210 directly to DJs last year, Technics have actively claimed the mk7 is aimed at DJs with a series of club-based upgrad

What all of this means to the average DJ will depend hugely on the price point Technics assign to the SL-1210mk7. We'll have the news of the price as soon as it drops.