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But it’s only currently been made available in Germany…

Technics announced their SL-1200G turntable in January, as the first in their 1200 series since the MK6 in 2008. Now it has finally been made available to buy – but only in Germany.

Costing €4,000 per turntable, the new SL-1200G costs twice as much as the previous 1210s, a price tag that forced Technics’ CTO, Tetsuya Itani, to explain why the new turntables are so expensive in January.

According to Itani all of the old tools and machines are no longer available or damaged beyond use, meaning they have to start over again from scratch, which mean costs — at least at the beginning of the process — will be substantially bigger. These should come down in time though.

The SL-1200G ships with an iron-free direct drive motor, a lightweight magnesium tonearm and a triple-layer platter.

There is still no word on a date the SL-1200G will be available in the UK, but you can purchase one now through Technics’ German stockists.

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Rob McCallum is DJ Mag’s deputy digital editor. Follow him on Twitter here.