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Technics unveils new SL-1200MK7 turntable; costs £799

The new version introduces a silver model to the MK7 range

Technics has introduced a new direct drive turntable to their SL range – the 1200MK7. The new model is identical in feature set to the 1210MK7 introduced back in January 2019, but this new model features a silver faceplate as opposed to the 1210s matte black finish. 

Both 1210MK7 and 1200MK7 models feature the same functionality including a new coreless direct-drive motor that should eliminate any cogging issues, adjustable torque and brake speed and a new microcomputer inside for increased motor control accuracy with things like scratching. There’s also a reverse playback option. 

The new, silver SL-1200MK7 will be available from May 2021 for £799. When the SL-1210MK7 was announced, DJ Mag made a documentary about the new Technics range and why it’s still relevant for modern DJs. You can watch the video below.