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Techno don Butch on endlessly listening to promos: "I've officially given up"

He will pay for music instead...

In a refreshingly honest post to his Facebook page, techno don Butch has said he will no longer listen to promos when trying to find new music.

"I have officially given up on listening promos," said the legendary producer via a Facebook post. "Such a waste of time, I find way more stuff by buying".

He then went on to state that he finds the whole idea of endlessly listening to promos "frustrating" and then took a swipe at the quality of releases he's receiving, explaining "not everything with a bass drum needs to be released — just saying."

Understandably, a lot of his followers have questioned his outburst without truly understanding what he actually meant.

In the comments thread he clarified his position further, "Wow, seems like somebody didn't get the point. There is no bigger support than buying people's music.

"There is a difference between demos and promos. I keep listening demos, but I'm not keen to listen to 1000 promos a day".