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The footwork crew’s first release under their new label will pay tribute to the late pioneer

Teklife have announced the release of a posthumous album from DJ Rashad.

‘Afterlife’ will pay tribute to the footwork crew’s co-founder, who passed away in 2014. The album will feature collaborations with Teklife stalwarts DJ Spinn, Traxman, DJ Manny and more recent recruits like DJ Taso, DJ Earl and DJ Paypal.

The release will be the first under Teklife’s own label. The Chicago crew have put out a number of records through Hyperdub in the past, including Rashad’s ‘Double Cup’. 

‘Afterlife’ is due out 8th April, a percentage of the proceeds will go to Rashad’s family.

Listen to the album’s bonus track ‘High On Hope’ by Microglobe and Machinedrum below.

'Afterlife' tracklist:

01. ‘Roll Up That Loud’ (ft. DJ Spinn & Taso)
02. ‘Get Fuk’d Up’ (ft. Gant-Man)
03. ‘Let’s Roll Out’ (ft. DJ Manny & DJ Spinn)
04. ‘Come Close’ (ft. DJ Phil)
05. ‘Wear Her Pussy Out’ (ft. DJ Earl)
06. ‘Oh God’ (ft. DJ Spinn)
07. ‘Ratchet City’ (ft. Gant-Man & DJ Manny)
08. ‘Get You Burnt’ (ft. DJ Taye)
09. ‘Pass That’ (ft. Tripletrain & DJ Spinn)
10. ‘Tony Montana’ (ft. Boylan & DJ Manny)
11. ‘Yeah We Do This’ (ft. DJ Tre)
12. ‘Lost Worlds’ (ft. Traxman)
13. ‘Do U Wanna B Mine’ (ft. DJ Spinn & DJ Paypal)
14. ‘Roll A Tree’ (ft. DJ Manny)