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There’s a rave eighty feet beneath the surface of an Icelandic glacier this summer

Martin Garrix and MK have been locked in for the party...

There will be a rave 80 feet below an Icelandic glacier this summer, and Martin Garrix will play it.

The Dutch DJ , who last month dropped his first music as Area21 for a year, will be joined by the mighty MK to spin some tunes below the surface at Iceland's Secret Solstice 2019.

We all know of Iceland's renowned beauty, but the opportunity to pop below its second biggest glacier, Langjökull, to boogie under the sea, while above the surface, the summer solstice grants attendees 72 hours of uninterrupted daylight to simply not stop raving. It really sounds like something remarkable. Last year, Dubfire had the honour of playing in the huge blue ice cave 80 feet below the glacier. By all accounts, it was awesome.

The festival takes place 21st - 23rd June, and you can check out further details at the Secret Solstice website.

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