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There’s a three-day festival with raves in a cave in Vietnam next month

The festival will take place in a town called Mai Chau

There’s a festival with raves in a cave in Vietnam next month.

Club Savage, in Vietnam's capital city of Hanoi, has announced plans for a three-day festival in April in a town called Mai Chau. 

With the club currently shuttered due to the pandemic, Savage (Re)treat aims to move the club's ethos and spirit to "another location outside of Hanoi, to blend art, music, people and nature together as a whole experience."

With a line-up of Savage's resident DJs alongside Hanoi's local talent, the festival will take place in fields in Mai Chau, surrounded by emerald green paddies, with performances also taking place in the Mo Luong caves - where Phoq Creative Studio and Phoq TV recently teamed up for a stream with Savage resident, Ouissam.

Savage Re(treat) will take place from the 2nd - 5th April. Pre-sale passes are available at Pond Records for 300,000 VND, with tickets on the door available for 500,000 VND. You can visit the event page here.
In the last 14 days, Vietnam has recorded 129 total COVID-19 cases.
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