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There's a new website that lets you try synths out remotely

Play-A-Synth lets anyone try before they buy...

Buying hardware synths can be a real minefield — but a new website Play-A-Synth is looking to solve many of the pitfalls by allowing users to remotely play hardware synths online before they buy them.

Using the power of the internet, some clever software and MIDI, users are able to remotely connect to a hardware synth of another user so they can try it before they buy it.

The people behind the software hope to create a huge community of synth sharers across the world so anyone can try out a synth of their choice before handing over their hard-earned cash.

At the moment the software is limited to just Windows, with each synthesiser audio channel requiring about 1 Mbps of upload bandwidth at 44100 Hz.

The software is still in beta but the makers are looking for more people to test it out.

You can sign up to the service here.