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There's now a whisky inspired by the Roland TR-808

808 Whisky is now crowdfunding.

808 Whisky is a new Scotch whisky that takes its name from the legendary Roland TR-808, an homage to the fact that both dance music and alcohol bring people together.

"It's a sociable drink that inspires conversation. Like the best dance music it has warmth, bottom end, and a definite KICK, the sub-bass of drinks. 8O8 is whisky but not as you know it. It's whisky remixed!" said founder and veteran DJ/producer DJ TommyD.

Pete Tong is also on board as an investor and advisor, saying "I think one of the interesting things about 8O8 is that you’re getting people trying it that would never see themselves as whisky drinkers. With this whisky, once people start drinking it there is universal praise and appeal so I think there’s huge potential."

There are few things more ubiquitous with dance music and club culture than the liberal spattering of social lubricants like alcohol. Whether it makes the clubbing experience better or worse will depend on who you ask.

You can contribute to their crowdfunding campaign here.

Aman Ellis is DJ Mag’s USA Digital Staff Writer. Follow him on Twitter here.