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These graphic designers will turn your favourite albums into custom artwork

The discographies of Aphex Twin, Orbital and Underworld are among those available... 

Two UK-based graphic designers will turn your favourite album covers into customised works of art. 

Alex Szabo-Haslam and James Lowe are the creatives behind Sequence, a Kickstarter project that allows any record sleeve to be transformed into a unique print. 

The idea is far more innovative than first impressions may imply. Rather than simply recreating famous sleeves, customers pick an LP— or entire body of work— and select shape, size and colour scheme. The running time of each track on the record is then converted into a physical length, before being visualised in bars matching the chosen palette. 

The discographies of Aphex Twin, whose entire Warp Records back catalogue just became available to stream for free, Autechre, Beastie Boys, Bjork, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, DJ Shadow, Four Tet, Jon Hopkins, LCD Soundsystem, Leftfield, Massive Attack and Portishead are among those available. As are the oeuvres of Orbital and Underworld (both pictured), along with that of The Prodigy, an act we recently focussed on as part of our Solid Gold series, which celebrates the influence of iconic albums.  

Head to the Kickstarter page for full details on Sequence.