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April Clare Welsh
11 October 2023, 13:39

Ticketmaster to give fans option to donate directly to Music Venue Trust

The charity upsell will coincide with Music Venue Trust's Venues Day 2023 initiative 


Ticketmaster is giving fans the option to donate directly to the Music Venue Trust (MVT).

The ticket marketplace behemoth, which is owned by Live National Entertainment, will introduce a charity upsell option for a month starting on 17th October. This coincides with MVT's initiative Venues Day 2023, which has been sponsored by Ticketmaster since 2016.

“This upsell provides a practical method for fans to support grassroots music venues, and we are incredibly grateful to the Ticketmaster team for putting it in place," Mark Davyd, MVT founder and CEO, told IQ.

He continued: "Ticketmaster matching all fan donations is a powerful message for the whole industry about the support our sector needs and the will of the music community to provide it. Ticketmaster has been a long-term and committed partner of MVT, and their core support has been vital in developing us as the authentic voice of grassroots venues, artists and fans.”

The grassroots music venue charity Music Venue Trust was founded in 2014 has currently supports nearly 1,000 UK venues.

Last month, MVT wrote an open letter to Chancellor Jeremy Hunt urging the UK government to help grassroots live music venues remain open in the wake of more than 100 independent club closures in the last year. 

In August, the Night Time Industries Association (NITA) released a report that nearly one-third of UK clubs shuttered between June 2020 and June 2023.

Back in June, Live Nation Entertainment announced its decision to introduce "all-in pricing experience" in order to do away with hidden fees and enable more transparency for ticket buyers pre-purchase.