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Todd Edwards and Daft Punk have an unreleased vocal album

Someday they might give it to us... 

Todd Edwards and Daft Punk have an unreleased vocal album, according to an interview on Jax Jones’ Beats 1 Apple Music show. 

Award-grabbing studio don Edwards has worked with the likes of Dimitri From Paris, Moloko and Matthew Dear, recently featured in a Point Blank masterclass and collaborated with the French electronic duo for the tracks ‘Face to Face’ and then later ‘Fragments of Time’. He appeared on Beats 1 last weekend, giving an insight into his work and friendship with the pair. 

"Right now? No, but I mean, basically a lot has gone on like, when we first won the Grammy, and I’m very thankful that I was a part of that, basically the goal was to put together a vocal album [with them], but I was going through a lot,” Edwards explained when asked if there were plans for more joint efforts to come.  

“I mean, you know moving to a new city, adjusting to life, it can take a lot out of you, so my creative juices weren't flowing. It would have been really appropriate for me to have had an album ready to go when the Grammy dropped, but there’s still a vocal album in the mix [for the future].” 

Daft Punk members Thomas Bangaltar and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, whose anthemic 'Da Funk' recently featured in our 60-Second Synth Sounds tutorial series, apparently enjoy hitting US theme park Six Flags with Edwards, as the interview goes on to explain. We’ve embedded the full recording below, although all you really need to know is this: 

“Dude, those rollercoasters…"