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Tokyo authorities supporting night-time economy with billions of yens worth of grants for nightlife events

It's hoped that the initiative will boost Tokyo's status as a 24-hour city...

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Tourism Foundation have announced a new initiative to support the city's nightlife industry in a bid to boost 24-hour tourism.

The 'Nightlife Tourism Promotion Grant' will see the government give away grants and subsidies worth billions of yen to to nightlife promoters and venues with a desired outcome that tourists be able to enjoy the city at any time of the day. 

Applicants for grants will be separated in two categories. One category involves events that take place on a regular basis in a particular location. These events should also start after sunset, last until 8PM and attract tourists to be elligible. Successful applicants in this category could be given up to 1 billion yen each. 

The second category covers local events and promoters that have a different approach to nightlife in the way that they present themselves through promo materials. Grants in this category can reach up to 5 million yen each.

Applications are open now and will close on July 19th. 

Last month, Arts Council England announced a similar project which will see them give £1.5 million to independent venues and promoters.

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