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German tastemaker walks us through his remixers

Following the success of 'Powers of Ten', Stephan Bodzin’s most profound full-length album to date, the German producer has invited a star-studded group of artists to remix a selection of the LP’s signature tracks.

We recently premiered Maceo Plex and Shall Ocin’s rework of the title cut, and now we’ve invited Bodzin to run us through the stories of how each remix took shape, and what we can expect from the whole release...

Powers of Ten (Maceo Plex & Shall Ocin Remix)
“He has always been one of my first choice of artists for the remix album, the fact that he did a remake of the title track just fits perfectly to my respect for this outstanding electronic musician of our time. He’s a man who’s combining such a wide music horizon with his brilliant sense for contemporary electronic kicking attitude. Maceo Plex (not forgetting his brilliant partner on that mix, Shall Ocin) delivered a powerful and intense work on ‘Powers Of Ten’, keeping the emotional depth of the original plus adding those ultra phat plex-beats. And they’re putting the focus on the (in the original very well hidden and) beautiful voice of Luna Semara. It blew me away from the first second… thank you, Maceo, thank you, Shall.”

Wir (Edu Imbernon & Coyu Remix)
“Edu and Ivan spent all of summer 2015 in Ibiza, hanging out, playing tons of shows and enjoying life. One of their favorite tracks of the season was apparently ‘Wir’. Ivan called me one day and told me about all that and that they just had to do a remix of it! I said: okay, why not, let’s give it a try…months later I hadn’t had any feedback from them, no mix provided, nothing in my inbox - so I started to proceed without them, ordering the vinyl to keep the scheduled release date. On the very, very, very last days the boys suddenly sent me this massive piece of work(!!!) It’s adding that typical irresistible Imbernon groove to the original melodies, and Coyu’s very own ability to bring themes and tensions to the point is present at every second. Super happy they teamed up! Cobernon… Imberyu…whatever, the remix is really a perfect mix of both worlds. Thank you, Edu, thank you, Coyu.”

Singularity (Fur Coat Remix)
“The Fur Coat boys already did a super sweet remix for me in 2014 of my Systematic release ‘Sungam’. And to be honest, I was a bit afraid of repeating myself by asking them again. But after all the amazing tracks they released in 2015 I was more than convinced that they were the one and only right choice to put their hands on ‘Singularity’. Just listen to the remix yourself…. they turned the original into a dark and rolling techno bomb…one of my favorite artists in 2015 for sure. Thank you, Sergio & Israel.”

Zulu (Pan-Pot Remix)
“My good old friends and techno superheroes from Berlin, Thomas and Tassilo were one of the first artists I approached with a remix request. After their legendary rework of ‘Phobos’ back in 2012 it was more or less obligatory for me to pull them on board for this project. And what can I say… they delivered. Adding such a killer groove to it… and a breakdown which is not from this world. A sophisticated monster, that’s what this one is. Thank you, Tass & Thomas.”

Ix (Marc Romboy Lost in Leploops)
“Of course, also Marc was set to be part of this project from the very first day. I love his very own and quietly brilliant way to balance his sound between old and new school. He built a pure rocker out of ‘Ix’ using only the bassline and adding beats from his mega-rare leploops drum machine. No one…and I mean it… can put this very special retro-sound into such a futuristic shape. It’s driving, it’s kicking, it’s changing every second, it has balls and still this makes sense for every little detail. Yep, that’s Marc. No compromises, just music and love. Thanks, Marc.”

Odyssee (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)
“The way D&B developed their sound over the last, let’s say, 2-3 years is absolutely impressive, they are going deeper and deeper without losing their very own signature, building rockers without getting too simple at any point. Also Beckers’ side project Frankey & Sandrino is proving his outstanding quality as producer/composer these days. They created a wonderful, hypnotising builder which features that soft Odyssee melody in the best way I could imagine. What can I say…I love all the remixes so much, but this one is definitely in my personal top three. Thank you, Christian & Frank.”

Blue Giant (Extrawelt Remix)
“Another all-time favourite producer team of mine. I guess there’s not a single track of theirs I don’t like. Their complex sound structures, analogue addiction and wide music horizon make them the perfect choice for ‘Blue Giant’ in my opinion. And what a remix…! An Extrawelt typical - weird and timeless piece of music. I’ve barely heard anyone putting this number of detail, love and bassline into a track ever. They’re playing with the original parts just as someone would juggle with 12 balls. You never know what’s where and still it feels just amazing what’s happening there. The kings of analogue delivered a super strong, super warm and delicate mix which will work either on the floors or just as well in your living room. Thank you, guys.”

Wir (Max Cooper Remix)
“A dream came true having finally a remix of my long time friend and highly respected music scientist, the one and only Max Cooper. No-one can put as many facts and emotions at the same time into a piece of music like he can. I’m a fan of everything he’s releasing, a fan of every show he’s playing. Whenever I need that one piece of important information to bring a tech-project to the next level I’m asking him. He’s a genius when it comes to arrangements, massive bass pads, irritating sound walls, creating innovation. He remixed ‘Wir’ and I get goosebumps by writing this. That mix might be the most touching crescendo since John Adams’ ‘Harmonium’. A wall, full of beauty and darkness. A stunning proof of his talent. Thank you, Max.”

Sputnik (Dominik Eulberg Remix)
“Dominik, the man with the bird-power, the hermit from the forest, the one who can name all plants of this planet as good as all parts of your mind and body, musician, machine, marshmallow… the living proof that music can really drive you completely nuts. This guy just HAD to remix ‘Sputnik’. Its chord theme is looping only after 54 bars, I already forgot how I created it, guess it was on a flight over Mexico or with a massive hangover in any case. So Dominik put all original stems into his washing machine, fried them and served them with poisoned spice from his own Westerwald. A dish which I find as brilliant as delicious. A journey into one of the most open minds I have met so far. A trip into the green heart of a wonderful artist. Thank you so much, Dominik.”

Zulu (Agents of Time Remix)
“The up-and-coming analogue techno team from Italy. They’re living in a world of synthetic melodies of pure saw/square sounds. This mix is such a deeeeep kicking thing, not having any connection to the original until minute 4 or 5 when they totally unexpected drop the Zulu-bassline…! I love their super fresh sounds, ideas and grooves, that remix must have been produced very spontaneously, following the very first intuition. It’s alive and kicking, the drop is just exceptional. Thank you, Andrea, Fedele & Luigi.”

Lila (Nicolas Masseyeff Remix)
“One of my best friends out there. Who else could put his hands on that track, named after my little daughter ‘Lila’? And he did so well. Kept the speech and intensity of the original, adding his own typically flavoured, mega groovy forward pushing beats, creating such a smart and lovely breakdown… a sound guru, a music lover, a multitalented creator, but first of all my very good friend. Thanks, Nico, for taking such good care of this baby of mine.”

Birth (Marc Romboy’s Ode 2 The Children)
“I already said all about this wonderful guy before I guess… this remix of ‘Birth’ is as unique as he is. And I mean it, this trip is just something else. Listen and you know why. Thank you again, Marc.”

Ix (Victor Ruiz Remix)
“The Brazilian superstar Victor became a very good friend of mine during my Brazil tours. He’s got one of the most powerful signatures in techno/electro-production these days. It reminds me a bit of my early days, but all in a futuristic shape now. In opposite to Marc Romboy he focused only on the additional and still very significant arpeggio synth of ‘Ix’ and built such a massive tune out of it… this is what I call a ROCKER. No compromises at any time, kicking from the first to the last bit, never losing tension. Such a good producer, such a good person, such a good remix. Thank you, Victor.“

Powers of Ten (Gabriel Ananda Remix)
“The second remix of the album title track and a totally different interpretation. Gabriel put a lot of focus on the additional melodies and arpeggios of the original, absolutely ignoring the massive bass pad, yeah! And the result is a super smart and mega groovy melody-monster, brilliant drumming and a perfect alternative to the Maceo Plex and Shall Ocin version. Thank you, Gab!”

Singularity (Monoloc Edit 02)
“This guy is definitely one of the techno artists of the moment. Such a dark and fresh, reduced and hypnotic sound signature… he’s creating images. He is actually providing a kind of visualising sound design here. I would say that I can see his music more than I can hear it. Close your eyes and follow me. Super strong remix. Thank you, Sascha.”

Birth (Super Flu's Early Contractions)
“Last but not least the most funny, funky and furious double trouble team out there, my boys from Halle, Germany, Super Flu. Their absolutely outstanding version of ‘Birth’ was the very first remix I received for the ‘Powers Of Ten’ album. And still it’s one of my favourites. They’re putting so so much love, groove and red wine into this one… They’re the unbeatable number one in what they’re doing. This mix is for dancers, for summer, for lovers, for musicians and sound freaks. And red wine drinkers. Pure bliss. Pure madness. Thank you, Feliks & Mathias.”

‘Powers Of Ten (Remixes)’ will be released on December 18th through Herzblut Recordings on triple vinyl and digital formats.