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Train your ears with SoundGym's new interactive game

How well do you know your frequencies?


Train your ears using SoundGym, a website for producers and engineers to test their ears through a series of games and challenges.

Anyone who works in the studio or spends long hours in the booth will know all about tired ears and losing perspective on what frequency is what. Using SoundGym you can hone your skills to make sure you’re making the right decisions when mixing. Unlike some other learning platforms, it’s completely interactive making the process much more enjoyable and fun!

SoundGym has added a new game Cheetah EQ to help producers refine their frequency detection and make better decisions when EQing. You can preview it in the video below. The game is part of their Pro subscription, but there are plenty of free games to help sharpen up your ears for your next mix. Check them out here.

If you’re already confident in your skills, why not pick up the latest version of Logic Pro X, recently updated to 10.2.3. Watch our recent DJ Mag Panel with Wehbba for even more tech insight.