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This turntable-shaped device allows you to press vinyl at home

The Phonocut can press 10-inch vinyl anywhere

There is now a home vinyl-pressing device for wax enthusiasts.

Named the Phonocut Home Vinyl Recorder, the device is an analog lathe and can press 10 to 15 minutes of music per side from a headphone input, with the instructions reading simply "place vinyl blank on the platter, connect to the music input of your choice, press the start button". 

The Phonocut presses 10-inch vinyl, and costs €999. Read more about the mini-device here.

Vinyl has seen a re-surgence over the past few years, with eBay alone selling over 24 million records in just over a decade, but the format comes with a serious environmental cost. As the dance music world attempts to go greener, some companies are working out ways to make our wax obsession as eco-friendly as possible — read DJ Mag's feature with Deep Grooves Pressing Plant and find out more about their mission for sustainability.