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Twitch launches new incubator program for musicians

The Collective aims to help music-makers get started with Twitch streaming

Twitch has launched a new incubator program for musicians who stream on their platform. The new Collective is designed to help musicians who want to grow their audience and fanbase on Twitch and beyond. Twitch will offer a ‘Playbook’ on how to use Twitch for streaming music content, be it DJing, music-making insights, tutorials and more. They’ll also be curating collectives based on “complementary backgrounds” and once you’ve made progress in the Collective, you’ll be eligible for further promo and discovery within the platform itself. 

Artists who don’t currently stream on Twitch are also encouraged to apply for The Collective, and the program is backed by Discord, Rolling Stone, Amazon Music, Distrokid and more. 

Find out more about the Twitch Collective program and how to apply here.