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Two people have been stabbed at Sony Music’s London HQ

One person has been arrested following the incident at the record label’s office...

Two people have been injured following a stabbing incident at Sony Music’s London HQ on High Street Kensington.

Armed Metropolitan police were called to the record label’s office shortly after 11am this morning (2nd November).

“At this time we believe two people are injured,” police said, according to an ongoing report in The Guardian. “One person, who is believed to be behind the incident, has been arrested and at this stage we are not at this stage looking for anyone else.”

Videos on social media have shown people being evacuated from the building following the incident. The condition of the two injured individuals is unknown but footage has shown one person being removed from the scene in an ambulance. The BBC have reported that the injuries are not believed to be life threatening.

Police have said that there is no evidence of firearms being involved in the incident and the attack is not believed to be terror-related.

The incident is now reported to be over and the man believed to be behind the attack has been arrested and removed from the scene.