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Ultra’s proposed license agreement for downtown Miami move presents significant changes to rejected draft

Besides reducing the required number of votes to succeed, it reduces Sunday’s curfew, requires Ultra to pay for police and fire services and expands environmental sustainability services

With Ultra hoping to move back downtown for its 2020 edition following its relocation to Virginia Key earlier this year, details of the proposed license agreement that the festival will have to sign up to have begun to emerge.

Amongst the alledged license proposals tabled by Miami's city commission is a reduction in the festival's Sunday curfew to 10PM, the expectation that Ultra pay for police and fire services for the weekend on top of the $2 million fee to use the space and a decrease in the decibel limit from 110 to 104.

Also amongst the reported plans is a decrease in the number of city commission votes from 4/5 to 3/5 in order for the plan to succeed and the expectation that Ultra go further with its environmental sustainability plan. 

Utra made significant steps to push its 'Leave No Trace' policy at March's Virginia Key edition, but it was decided that the festival had caused "excess stress" to the marine life around the site. As a result, it was ruled that Ultra could not return to Virginia Key in 2020

For some time, it looked like the festival may have to leave Miami entirely, but a lifeline was recently thrown with talks opening back up to see it return to its original downtown location. 

Discussions related to the license agreement by the city commission will continue on Thursday, July 25th.