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Ultra: ‘This year’s festival will go ahead as planned’

But a return to Bayfront Park looks less likely... 

Ultra Music Festival has confirmed that it's flagship Miami event, held each March during Music Week, will go ahead despite potentially losing its usual venue and spiritual home of Bayfront Park. 

The iconic location has hosted the event for almost 20 years, since its inception in 1999. After months of uncertainty, the City of Miami Commission voted unanimously to block Ultra from returning to the site in 2019 under the current terms of a proposed five-year contract. 

A petition to move revellers on began in July 2017 with the aim of returning the space to the community rather than continuing to use it as a 'cash cow for the city'. The destruction of environmental elements, and an apparent increase in alcohol and drug-related violence were both cited in the campaign. 

It's not clear where Ultra will relocate to if the eviction notice stands and a new site is necessary, but organisers remain hopeful the event will go ahead as planned next spring according to a statement shared on social media. Tickets went on sale for next year the day before the ruling, and are currently available on the official website

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