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US drum & bass pioneer Karl K launches fundraiser to aid recovery from debilitating stroke

A pioneering figure in drum & bass needs your help...  

After a series of debilitating strokes in 2017 left him disabled, pioneering US drum & bass and jungle DJ Karl K is asking for financial assistance.  

Karl has been left with significant brain damage following the strokes. He’s unable to work, and his way of life has been devastated. While over $21,000 has already been donated, much more is needed.

“I don't know where I'm going to live. I can't work and disability is not enough,” Karl wrote on his Fundly page. For a glimpse into Karl’s situation, he recorded a short video about his plea for help. 

Doing their part, Fierce & Fresh have released a track called ‘Brok’ via Bandcamp. 100% of the proceeds will go towards Karl’s rehabilitation fund. 

Among names like Diesel Boy, AK 1200, Slant, and Overload Karl K (real name Carl Danner) is responsible for exposing North America to drum & bass and jungle. He frequently collaborated with Kaos, and released throughout the early 2000s on labels like Koldfront, System, Circle Recordings, and Audioporn.