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Varg, Christian Stadsgaard and Isak Hansen team up for new Bassiani Records EP: Listen

The trio's debut EP as The Empire Line drops on 31st January

Jonas Rönnberg aka Varg, Danish noise artist Isak Hansen and cofounder of Posh Isolation, Christian Stadsgaard, have teamed up for a release on Bassiani.

Under the moniker The Empire Line, the trio will release 'The Nature Of Your Oppression Is The Aesthetic Of Our Anger' via the Tbilisi imprint on 31st January.

Dedicated "to the people in the streets of Santiago, of Barcelona, of Tbilisi, of Copenhagen or anywhere people have had enough of a state apparatus only focusing on big business and not caring about the 99 percent of the rest of the population", the four-track 12-inch EP is out on 31st January.

Check out artwork, tracklist and EP closer 'Spraypaint' below.

Last weekend, three people were injured following a shooting at the Bassiani nightclub in Tbilisi.

1. Uniforms
2. No Prayers Will Help You Here
3. Daddy Issues
4. Spraypaint