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Vestax's $10,000 DJ mixer is now available to order

The Phoenix (Hou-ou) was announced in 2016, but took three years to get to market…

Vestax's audiophile DJ mixer the Phoenix (Hou-ou) is finally ready to order. The mixer – which costs $10,000, plus another $200 for shipping – was originally announced in 2016, but things went quiet when the mixer never made it to market. It resurfaced at the BPM show in 2018 and is now officially available to order via the new dedicated website:

The mixer is a four-channel, fully-analogue device with three phono ins and a total of nine line inputs. There's old-school VU metering per channel, as well as on the stereo master, and a three-band EQ per channel. There's also a single stereo Aux send and a master three-band isolator EQ. 

vestax phoenix

In terms of features, it's fairly simple, so why is it so expensive? Vestax say the Pheonix (Hou-ou) is "designed from the ground up with controls satisfying to use, easy to see and robust enough to evolve with your own creativity." Essentially every aspect is hand-built, every component carefully chosen and the layout and features designed for smooth, creative mixing. Obviously it won't be for everyone and you're unlikely to see it in the booths of any major clubs any time soon, but for home audio and the most elaborate DJ setups in 'listening bars', the Phoenix may find a home. We'll be covering the Phoenix in more detail soon. You can register your interest in the Phoenix here

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