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Vinyl sales continue to rise, approaching 10 million units during 2017

Our bank accounts would agree...

Vinyl music sales for 2017 have already surpassed 2016’s numbers with Q4 yet to come. Sales of vinyl records are approaching 10 million units for the year.

According to the report by Nielsen Music, the growth of vinyl has yet to offset the broader decline of physical sales. CD sales fell 19.9% while vinyl sales increased by 3.1%.

Additionally, digital sales continue to fall as streaming becomes the preferred means of audio consumption. In the past nine months audio and video streams hit 442.44 billion, an increase of 40.5% from 2016.

As previously reported by the British Phonographic Industry, over the last decade, sales of vinyl have increased by 1,500%.

Small upstarts like Florida's SunPress continue to benefit from these broaer vinyl trends.