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Vinyl sales are up 1,500% on 10 years ago

Sales are booming in the U.K., and worldwide...

Vinyl's very real revival as a music format is continuing, according to new figures from the British Phonographic Industry.

Over the last decade, sales of tracks on black plastic have increased by an unarguably impressive 1,500%. Earlier in the year we reported how the associated industry was predicted to break the $1billion mark internationally, including turntables and accessories, with 40million records expected to be shifted between January and December 2017. 

If these numbers are reached, vinyl will account for 7% of the total value of all music sales worldwide, helping to offset the decline of CD purchases, which dropped by more than one tenth during 2016 in the UK alone- the same period in which vinyl enjoyed a 25-year high in popularity amongst British music fans. The news comes at a time when record store culture is also enjoying something of a comeback, particularly amongst dance fans, with the likes of London's Phonica and Manchester's Eastern Bloc well known for in store showcases, and Outlaw's Yacht Club in Leeds, Idle Hands in Bristol, and Glasgow's Rubadub also worthy of serious recognition.