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Tip: don't try tricks the first time you go rollerskating...

If you've caught an andhim DJ set recently, you may have noticed the German duo are a man down — they've become "justhim". Well, if you were wondering why Tobias was all on his lonesome, we now have an answer: during the filming of the new video for their joyful house ditty 'Super', Simon managed to break his leg.

As Simon puts it, "maybe shooting a video on roller skates, without actually having ever been on roller skates before was not the best idea we've had." Maybe not.

Thankfully the playful pair are able to laugh about the mishap, and have now released the video, which follows them skating around dressed as bikers, complete with the bone-breaking moment (don't worry it's not graphic!) and some snaps of the x-ray and Simon sitting in hospital. 

Watch the video below and show poor Simon some love!