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Watch this documentary on the history of the drum machine

Featuring many machines from Moby's personal collection...

Reverb have shared a new video documenting the history of the drum machine.

Featuring many machines from Moby's personal collection... - who prominently features in the William Kurk-presented documentary - 'Electric Rhythm: The History of the Drum Machine' delves deep into the history of the instrument. 

From Part 1: Early Experiments to to Part IV: Sample-Based Drum Machines, the documentary features Prince, Mr. Fingers, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston and more. You can watch it below.

From Saturday 11th October Moby will list many of the drum machines featured in the video for sale on Reverb in aid of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Last month, Behringer unveiled a clone of the legendary 909 drum machine.

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