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Gorillaz’ 2D & Murdoc come to life in first live interview: Watch

The virtual band members sat down with Mistajam...

You've got to hand it to Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett — the brains behind virtual band Gorillaz — they've managed to convince the entire world, including Radio 1's Mistajam, that they're actually real.

Adding to the virtual band's allure, Mistajam has just finished interviewing band members 2D and Murdoc online — and thanks to some clever special effects wizardry and acting, the interview comes across as strangely convincing, in a Who Framed Roger Rabbit kind of way.

Murdoc is an ex-jail bird, quick-witted with a dark streak and 2D is your archetypal softly spoken English eccentric.

During the interview, the duo keeps Mistajam on his toes with some tomfoolery, whilst failing to really answer any of his questions — it's less an interview and more a really good comedy skit.

2D and Murdoc do touch on a myriad of different topics including releasing a single on the day of Trump's inauguration, what they've been up to since 'Plastic Beach' (Murdoc has been in prison apparently) and how crisps have changed from thin and crispy to fat and ridged.

Gorillaz have announced an extensive U.S tour in support of their new album — 'Humanz', which drops next friday — and there's also talk of a Gorillaz tv show, too. 

The band has also released an augmented reality app called The Lenz, which comes to life when you point your camera at things that are the colour magenta, like the T-Mobile logo for example — you can download the app here and here, for iOS and Android respectively.

Watch the highly entertaining interview below.