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Waves’ new plugin is everything a producer needs

Omni Channel is a collaboration with legendary engineer Andrew Scheps…

Waves new plugin Scheps Omni Channel wants to be your one-stop shop for mixing. Developed in collaboration with legendary mix engineer Andrew Scheps, the plugin features everything you need to treat your sounds including saturation, EQ, compression, a mic pre, de-esser and a noise gate.

Any of the modules can be drag-and-dropped to change the signal path and there’s also an insert slot so you can load any other Waves plugin at any stage of the signal path – hopefully this is something Waves are going to adapt in all their plugins.

It's not the first plugin Waves have developed with Scheps – who’s worked with the likes of Jay-Z, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Beyoncé – but it’s one of the most fully-featured. It can be yours for only $49 for a limited time, before it goes up to $149. If you're on a plugin hunt, why not try Sample Magic's recent Boost Pro or get NI's Phasis plugin – it's free for five more days