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The United States is home to the most record shops on the planet

One website's mission to catalogue every single record shop...

The United States leads the world with 1482 brick and mortar record shops. VinylHub reporting that the US has more record shops than the UK (537), Germany (453) and France (285) combined.

Working with physical music collectors to catalogue every single record shop on the globe, the Discogs' sister site is sharing a wealth of data already sourced from the network. Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia and Spain join the aforementioned countries as the globe's 10 best for record shop options. 

Tokyo (93), Berlin (87), London (79), Paris (66) and Toronto (49) are the top five markets for the number of shops. With 47 options, New York City tops the list for United States cities.

The most remote business is located in Nuku'alofa, the capital of the Polynesian country Tonga, at nearly 2000 kilometers from the closest shop.

Discogs notes that the community-driven catalog remains in development and is seeking help in completing the list. Visit VinylHub to submit your favorite shop. 

To explore the report’s more fascinating figures, like the country of Palau has the most shops per capita, click here

Earlier this year, Discogs launched Gearogs, a music tech marketplace