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The Weeknd confirms a new album is on the way

The new record will complete the trilogy that began with ‘After Hours’ and continued with ‘Dawn FM’

The Weeknd performing on his current tour while wearing a mask
Courtesy of The Weeknd/Twitter

The Weeknd has confirmed that the third album in his current trilogy will be unveiled “soon.”

The Canadian singer and producer – whose real name is Abel Tesfaye – is putting the finishing touches on the follow-up to 2020’s ‘After Hours’ and 2022's ‘Dawn FM’, yet to be given a title or release date, which he will be sharing more information about shortly.

Earlier this week (20th June), he told Variety: “I’m finishing the third part of this saga, of this trilogy. The name of it will come out soon, but it’s not called what some fans think it’s called… what they think it’s called is actually a song on the album, but that’s not what the actual album is called [some fans speculated that it would be titled ‘After Life’]. So I’m just gonna say that.”

The Weeknd is currently on the final leg of his international After Hours til Dawn Tour, where he has been performing largely in the daylight because it is “easier to connect” with fans.

“The performances are mostly in the daytime, so I get to see the audience,” he explained. “It’s easier to connect with their eyes and feels a bit more intimate, so instead of a performance, it feels like more of a conversation with them.”

He continued: “Every night I’m changing up the set — I never do that, it’s usually very formulaic — so I’m spicing it up and going into deep, deep, deep cuts and older songs. I’ll rehearse it the day-of, and if the band is down, we’ll just throw a mini-set in there... I feel very free and in control, and I’m having much more fun.”

Earlier this year, The Weeknd shared a new video for the ‘Dawn FM’ album cut ‘Is There Someone Else?’, exactly a year after the release of the hit 2022 record. The unveiling of the video came a few weeks on from the release of The Weeknd’s latest collaboration with Swedish House Mafia, ‘Nothing Is Lost (You Give Me Strength)’, which featured on the soundtrack for recent film, Avatar: The Way Of The Water.

More information about the final album in the trilogy is expected to be revealed soon.