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Wildfire breaks out in Ibiza town near Pacha

Local residents call the fire “suspicious”...

A huge wildfire has ripped through Ibiza town's protected Ses Feixes Wetlands.

The wildfire reportedly started at 1pm on Monday 7th March and destroyed five cars and forced the evacuation of two nearby homes.

Nearby residents called the wildfire “suspicious” citing a recent change in the forestry law as a possible reason for the wildfire.

According to one resident, a new amendment to the 2015 forestry act means that land destroyed by fire — even if it was protected beforehand, like the Ses Feixes Wetlands — can then be built upon.

With commercial and residential space at a premium in Ibiza town, the new amendment could conceivably be the catalyst for Monday’s unexplained wildfire.

Ibiza has always struggled with balancing the ecology of the island with the pressures of being a world-famous party destination.

The island’s sustainability has been under the spotlight for a number of years, with fresh drinking having to be pumped in from the mainland to service the influx of millions of tourists each summer.

More recently the island’s lawmakers decided to levy a tax on all visitors which would be used to help keep Ibiza’s tourism on a more sustainable footing.