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April Clare Welsh
10 July 2024, 12:42

William Stover, Chicago house artist behind ‘I’ll Never Let You Go’, dies

Stover had experienced "many health issues as well as surgeries" 

William Stover

Chicago house artist William Stover has died.

Sharing the news via Facebook on Monday (8th July), Chip E. — another pioneering house artist — explained that Stover had experienced "many health issues as well as surgeries" and "very sadly succumbed to his health issues on Saturday, July 6th".

"He will be greatly missed in the community. My sincere condolences to the family, friends, and fans of this great man," he added.

Stover was best known for his 1987 deep house single 'I'll Never Let You Go', released via Trax Records. He also helped produce Chip E’s 1987 single, 'Godfather of House'. As Chubby, he produced tracks such as 'Work The Wax' for Chilly T and 'Must Be The Music' for Faheem, both put out via Dance Mania.

During the late 1980s, he also forged a collaborative project with Adonis called The Sweat Boyz, and several with Lidell Townsell: the Spontaneous Ones, The Jury, and Two Of A Kind.

In 2022, UK DJ and producer Sam Girling released a rework of 'I'll Never Let You Go' on Nothing Else Matters.

Listen to  'I'll Never Let You Go' below.