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German's track features on rapper's new visual album...

Following the release of Frank Ocean's suprise new visual album 'Endless', Turner Prize-winning German artist Wolfgang Tillmans has revealed the release is bookended by his techno track 'Device Control'.

Speaking via an Instagram post, Tillmans explained that he showed Ocean some tracks after the American initially got in contact about about a photograph. Ocean apparently replied: "Device Control is brilliant. Love. Can I sample it for the intro of my album?" but went on to use a part of the track in the intro to 'Endless', before playing the track in its entirety at the end.

Then in an interview with Pitchfork, Tillmans revealed his connection with Ocean goes even deeper. After a failed meet-up in London, Ocean apparently drove 12 hours through the night to meet Tillmans in his Berlin studio. The rapper/singer/producer then wanted to visit legendary club Berghain, but it wasn't open, so drove back to London after their meeting and then returned to Berlin two days later to visit the club with Tillmans.

Check out 'Endless' in full here and grab Tillmans' 'Device Control' EP via Beatport.


A bit more info: Enormously proud and happy that Frank Ocean did include my (yet unreleased) track ‘Device Control’ as intro and as a full length ending of his ‘Endless’ album! We were in touch about the intro, but I wouldn’t believe it until it happened. Three weeks ago I showed him a few songs, which I had written and produced for myself earlier in the year, and he replied 'Device Control is brilliant. Love. Can I sample it for the intro of my album?’ I agreed to it, and to my excited surprise this morning he didn't just sample it. He released my complete original track as the end of this amazing album. So now it's out - and in full length.. Below are the complete production credits. Thank you everyone involved! The song is on the forthcoming Wolfgang Tillmans ‘Device Control EP’ (Digital release date tomorrow) featuring also two addictive remixes by Berlin’s Daniel Wang & J.E.E.P. and one by US legends Salem, all of ‘Make It Up As You Go Along’ (The original is out now on vinyl and digital and Spotify - 'Wolfgang Tillmans') and a new vocal piece of mine in two versions called ‘Angered Son’. We will release the new EP digitally in the very next few days. Vinyl release will be Sept 16 as originally planned. Fragile003 on Fragile. Distributed worldwide by WordandSound. Wolfgang Tillmans - 'Device Control' Vocals, lyrics, melody by Wolfgang Tillmans Keyboards, harmonies, arrangement and drum programming by Tim Knapp at Trixx Studios, Berlin Intro: all instruments and production by Kyle Combs, New York Live drums by Rosie Slater recorded at Studio G, Brooklyn Additonal arrangement by Kyle Combs, Jay Pluck and Wolfgang Tillmans iPhone voice recording at Keithstrasse, Berlin and book binding machinery recording at Grafica Maiaduoro, Porto by Wolfgang Tillmans Mixed by Alexis Berthelot at Studio G, Brooklyn Mastered by Klaus Knapp at Trixx Studios, Berlin Written and produced by Wolfgang Tillmans, 2016 #frankocean #devicecontrol #timknapp #kylecombs #alexisberthelot #rosieslater #klausknapp #danielwang #salem #j.e.e.p. #jaypluck #wolfgangtillmans #betweenbridges #endless #blonde #boysdon'tcry #fantasticman #fragile #fragilelabel #fragile003

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