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Wordcolour releases debut album on Houndstooth: Listen

'The trees were buzzing, and the grass.' indulges a fascination with the hyper-real world of Foley and film sound effects"


Wordcolour has released his debut album, 'The trees were buzzing, and the grass.', on Houndstooth. Check it out below. 

The album features contributions from percussionist Michael Anklin, voice artist Natasha Lohan, and performance artist Es Morgan, as well as vocal appearances from the producer's circle of friends.

The 10-track record sees him blend the club music he's become associated with from previous releases on Houndstooth with a more experimental edge, channeling vaporwave, hauntology, and bass and breaks-loaded club abstractions.

Having worked with Es Morgan on a written text for the album, the London-based producer chopped and sampled the words throughout, inviting friends to narrate the music along with recordings from other contributors.

"In one sense the album is quite cinematic. Not in the sense that it is big or epic, but in the way it is structured. At times the music literally cuts like a camera – moving the listener from one acoustic environment to another. It indulges a fascination with the hyper-real world of Foley and film sound effects, natural ambiences, and Spielbergian film music. It almost feels like an album about film," he said in a statement.

Check out the LP, with track titles like 'I Am Sixty Years Old and Trying Salvia For the Very First Time' and previously released 'Blossom', below.

Back in 2020, we heard the producer channel his background in jazz, pop, and contemporary classical music into a new EP for Houndstooth, ‘Juno Way’.