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Brian Coney
22 March 2023, 13:27

World's most advanced spatial audio sound system, 4DSOUND, debuts in London in April

Kali Malone, Max Cooper, Oren Ambarchi and more will perform at the one-of-a-kind listening experience


The world's most advanced spatial audio sound system is set to debut in London next month.

In collaboration with 33-33, Amsterdam-based sound studio 4DSOUND will debut the experience with a month of live programming at a striking new venue, Stone Nest, from 21st April to 20th May.

As well as live experiential shows by musicians and composers including Kali Malone, Max Cooper and Llyr, Oren Ambarchi, Grand River, Andrea Belfi and NikNak, the experience will also include the Diffusion event series, showcasing exclusive compositions written from the sound system by the likes of Suzanne Ciani, Zoë McPherson, Thomas Ankersmit, Bendik Giske.

The programming will conclude with an open-call workshop inviting UK-based composers, producers and artists to use the one-of-a-kind system. Throughout the listening experience, a large-scale grid of 4DSOUND speakers will be placed throughout Stone Nest’s chapel space, surrounding the audience from all angles to create a fully enveloping omnidirectional sound environment.

The studio describes the music performed as “sonic sculptures” which the audience is encouraged to explore from different vantage points to find new angles of appreciation. Felt as a unifying encounter, together the audience experiences spatial listening. 

Speaking about the experience, 4DSOUND director Poul Holleman said: "For a decade we have been developing what we like to call spatial sound instruments; site-specific sound systems which are able to project sound holograms in a listening area, enabling artists to actually play the space as an instrument."

"Our intention is to provide captivating listening experiences where sounds can range from realistic environments, to incredibly surreal electronic manipulations, and everything in-between. It’s not easy to describe in words the full potential of 4DSOUND’s technology, so we’d like to invite everyone with an interest or curiosity in spatial sound to join us at Stone Nest.”

Tickets for the experience are available to purchase now. See below for the full schedule.

Fri 21 Apr - Nick Verstand - £14.50
Sat 22 Apr - Nick Verstand - £14.50
Tue 25 Apr - Alex Groves (World Premiere) - £14.50
Thu 27 Apr - Christian Duka, David Toop, John Butcher & Aimee Theriot-Ramos- £14.50
Fri 28 Apr - Robert Curgenven (World Premiere) - £14.50
Sat 29 Apr - Oren Ambarchi - £17.50
Mon 1 May - NikNak (World Premiere) - £14.50
Wed 3 May - Kali Malone (World Premiere) - £25
Thu 4 May -  Kali Malone (World Premiere) - £25
Sun 7 May - Andrea Belfi - £14.50
Wed 10 May - MESH presents Max Cooper + Llyr - £25
Thu 11 May - MESH presents Max Cooper + Llyr - £25
Mon 15 May - Grand River - £14.50