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Worldwide shortage of gamma ferric oxide delays cassette tape production

Work at America’s largest cassette tape manufacturer has slowed down drastically as a result

A worldwide shortage of gamma ferric oxide is causing severe delays to the production of new cassettes.

National Audio Company, which is the US' largest manufacturer of cassettes, recently issued a letter to record label Hausu Mountain explaining the issues which are down to the fact that the only factory responsible for refining the magnetic material used in the production of audio tape has been under renovation for most of this year.

The company hopes that normal service will resume next month when a back-order of more than 50 tons of the magnetic material is expected to arrive. So far, the factory has only received 2 tons of the material this year.

You can see the NAC's letter to Hausu Mountain below.

Last month, Sony unveiled a special edition of the cassette walkman to mark its 40th anniversary.

It was reported over the summer that cassette sales in the UK had risen by 94% in the first half of 2019 compared to the first six months of 2018.