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Anklepants, GFOTY, Grimes and Thom Yorke all pick up votes

Users of a sub-reddit dedicated to electronic music have compiled a list of the worst Boiler Room sets.

Redditors offered a number of suggestions for DJs deserving of the accolade but the consensus pointed to one winner. Berlin DJ and producer Reecard Farché, who performs under the name Anklepants, received the most votes for his 2014 set, which saw him don a costume that looked like a mutant court jester topped off with his signature animatronic mask. 

Farché’s works in the special effects industry, designing latex models and prosthetics (his credits include ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, ‘Prometheus’ and ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’), which goes some way to explaining his eccentric choice of outfit. 

Despite attracting the largest share of the votes, a number of users took to Farché’s defence. “Bat shit crazy performance, but damn the music is pretty awesome IMO for the most part,” wrote one redditor. 

Other acts suggested include the incredibly-named DJ Scotch Egg, who manages to fry pancakes during his set while also fiddling around with multiple Gameboys — surely that’s worthy of some commendation.

Also nominated for the the title was Grimes — her now legendary Ibiza pool party set included classics by Vengaboys and Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. A petition asking Boiler Room to upload the set online received 3,868 signatures.

GFOTY's SXSW set was another popular suggestion, among the PC Music artist’s selections were Pitbull and Abba. “I never said I was a good DJ, I’m sorry,” says GFOTY, which stands for Girlfriend Of The Year, midway through the set. 

The joke seems to have been lost on one user, who wrote: “That was like watching a beheading video, I hoped out of there after about 4 seconds. Shit would give me nightmares.” 

DIVA’s guided mediation session was also nominated together with Chromeo, Sigur Ros and Thom Yorke. “He seemed to be the only one who was really into it,” one user said of the latter. 

You can add your own suggestions to the thread on r/Electronic Music.