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You can now hear what a spider web sounds like thanks to AI

And it's just as spooky as expected

Scientists have shared what a spiderweb sounds like using Artificial Intelligence. 

Markus Buehler, an engineering professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, alongside his team, recently created 3D models of spiderwebs to study spiders' vibrations — their way of communicating — while undertaking tasks in the web such as construction, repair, hunting and feeding.

“Spiders utilize vibrations as a way to communicate with the environment, with other spiders,” Buehler said. “We have recorded these vibrations from spiders and used artificial intelligence to learn these vibrational patterns and associate them with certain actions, basically learning the spider’s language.”

The spider signals are low, long chimes, which become more complex as the web becomes more dense. Spider signals are usually completely inaudible to human ears.

You can hear the spider signals below.

(via Reuters)

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