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You can now stream live on Mixcloud directly from your browser

You won’t need OBS, Wirecast or any other software to stream your DJ set

Mixcloud has added a new feature that lets users go live on their platform directly from their browser without the need for any streaming software like OBS. 

The new feature – called Mixcloud Studio – is available to Mixcloud Pro subscribers and works in a similar way to going live currently works. As it stands, it’s not possible to have more than one camera or audio input, however, you could use an external vision mixer like Blackmagic’s ATEM Mini switcher. 

Going live from the browser means you can avoid downloading any software and also the sometimes-confusing nature of Stream Keys and various RTMP URLs – currently, the feature is still in beta and only supports Google Chrome, with no word on full availability yet. Watch the video below to find out how to go live using Mixcloud Studio and read more about it on the Mixcloud website