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Your festival glitter could be killing fish

An environmental expert has called for all glitter to be banned in the UK...

Glitter has become a staple for many festival goers in recent years, but an environmental expert has warned that its use may pose an ecological hazard.

“I think all glitter should be banned, because it’s microplastic,” Dr Trisia Farrelly, an environmental anthropologist at Massey University, told The Independent.

Microplastics are fragments of plastic less than 5 millimetres in length. Microbeads, which fall under the category of microplastics and are developed specifically for cosmetic and health products, face a UK wide ban next year after scientists and campaigners highlighted their devastating impact.

A study led by Professor Richard Thompson reported that plastic was found in a third of UK-caught fish, whilst its consumption by marine life is said to often have fatal consequence.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove said that plastic waste was “putting marine wildlife under serious threat”.

But festival lovers with a penchant for glitter should not fear, as companies like Eco Stardust sell biodegradable glitter made from plant cellulose.

Good news, as a recent report also showed that more people are going to festivals than ever before.

(Via: The Independent)

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